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STL Partners works globally with clients – telecoms operators, tech companies, content providers, financial services firms – to define and support the delivery of business innovation and growth.  Through our well-established consulting practice, we have gained a reputation for clear thinking, forward-looking insight and the ability to draw on our unique network of contacts.   

We have a strongly held view that to succeed, operators need to adopt fundamental changes in their business model: what they offer their customers, how they serve them and how they are rewarded for this.  Our consulting practice is dedicated to supporting our clients embrace this vision and increasingly, supporting them in pursuing it.   

Our Capabilities


Working with senior teams to set-out the vision for the business' future, framing the opportunities within that vision and supporting key decisions regarding priorities and how to pursue them. Learn more

Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity

Detailed assessment of telecoms operators' progress with digital transformation, building open models to measure digital maturity (Open Digital Maturity Model), and recommending initiatives for transformation. Learn more


Digital Innovation

Adopting iterative user-centric approaches to defining, developing, introducing and evolving new services. Ensuring that this can be done in an agile manner while still meeting wider business objectives through effective governance and by focusing on the metrics that matter. Learn more


Focused Implementation

Accelerating enterprise initiatives in specific domains (e.g. IoT, Cloud, Media, Payments, Health, Advertising) through a focused end-to-end programme of scenario-building, goal-setting, alignment, prioritisation and implementation programme support. Learn more


Strategic Marketing

Dedicated programmes to identify and engage strategic opportunities with a more engaged approach, often involving bespoke research, insights or co-creation workshops. Learn more

The STL difference

We have a “future-looking” point of view: STL Partners is synonymous with Telco 2.0 – a vision for the future of operators and the industry that encompasses more than being a connectivity provider. We have consistently refreshed and developed this vision and how it should be implemented by the telecoms industry.

We have an “agile consultancy” model: Our approach, similar to the lean start-up innovation model, consists of intense activity from experienced, creative and analytical consultants working closely with clients to define strategy and then provide ongoing support for implementation.  This results in:

  • A big impact, fast
  • Lower cost  (not armies of bright MBAs who are unfamiliar with telecoms)
  • Our clients retaining control and internal staff learning transformation skills and 'owning' implementation

We bridge telecoms and adjacent industries: We help our clients to look beyond their current industry into new areas – at new competitors, new customers, new partners. We have relationships outside telecoms, in financial services, media, advertising, software and IT, the start-up community, and VCs.

We have a powerful and active community:  50,000+ people subscribe to our newsletter, connect to us on LinkedIn, attend our events, read and contribute to our research – we give insight to them and they provide us with unique insight, ideas and data.

We have a strong track record in correctly predicting the future earlier than others: We predicted changes to the telecoms business model and developed the Telco 2.0 vision in 2006, and over the years our analysis, ideas and frameworks are consistently adopted by telecoms operators and vendors and copied by analyst firms and consultants. This gives our clients a head start. 

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