STL Partners

Telco 2.0 Growth & Innovation

Regional Operator Digital Collaboration Initiative

The Client

A regional group of 14 MENA operators


The Challenge

Individual operators are not able to present a compelling e-commerce platform for advertisers, content providers and merchants. By collaborating through a joint venture, operators can create the critical mass and build a powerful regional platform.


STL's Approach

STL Partners worked for over 18 months with a regional group of 14 MENA operators in defining and developing the Anayou initiative: a regional consortium of operators looking to develop a Telco-centric advertising-payments-&-content platform for 3rd party organisations. Media, advertising and transactions are all part of the scope of this broad joint venture.



STL Partners defined the original opportunity on behalf of one operator and took it from concept through to detailed requirements and phase 1 plan. The parties needed to agree terms, resourcing and leadership for pursuing the consortium further and determined not to.


The STL Difference

STL brought an impartial expert perspective in detailing the services and defining the venture's approach to market.