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International Business Strategy

The Client

Converged Operator in South East Asia


The Challenge

The Client had a long-established and significant business from traditional international telecoms services, including a sizeable call termination revenue stream. This business was under threat from bypass operators, VOIP/OTT and fundamental changes in user behaviours.


STL's Approach

STL worked closely with the International Business Unit to develop the 5 year International Strategy for the group. This required building a detailed vision on the future of the market, through scenario planning and analysis of key trends (e.g. smartphone adoption, OTT impacts). The exercise also required modelling market-wide usage and adoption patterns as well as rates and shares.

Through our associate network, STL Partners was able to assemble a team that brought deep insight into the trends for International services. Working closely with the client, we defined and modelled scenarios for International services revenues and evaluated mitigating strategies.



The project recommended 5 key initiatives; two of which STL supported the implementation: establishing an overseas MVNO and developing an app-based VOIP service to support the country’s diaspora.


The STL Difference

Industry insight, analytical rigour and close collaboration with the client team.